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Frank Jansen

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Songs on the album:
1) You're a phonecall that I need to make
2) You sure laid a hit on me
3) I wish I never borrowed anybody's angel
4) I wish I could take back her tears
5) The heart that you own
6) The sound of closing doors
7) Amarillo by morning
8) Someone new to take your place
9) Long lonesome man
10) Leave well enough alone
11) The blame lies with me
12) Drivin' your memories awa

Songs on the album:
1) She don't love me anymore
2) Lonely lady
3) If I can"t hold her tonight
4) Another place and time
5) If you ever need a fool
6) My way or the highway
7) Wrong state of mind
8) Don't play this
9) Me and my memories
10)What's so good about goodbye
11)Cheatin' for a while

Songs on the album:
01) You're a dream that can't come true
02) Our hearts already belong
03) Love is like a circus
04) I'll settle for being near
05) Lolene
06) Polished steel
07) Another lesson learned
08) Sad and all alone
09) I still miss someone
10) Hard time holding on

Songs on the album
01) Devil woman
02) I'll have to make some changes
03) Big iron
04) Waiting in Reno
05) Things that I don't know
06) Master's call
07) Ribbon of darkness
08) Tonight Carmen
09) April fool's day
10) Cowboy in the continental suit
11) Ruby Ann
12) Love's gone away
13) A white sport coat
14) Running gun

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